Our coffee grinder finally broke. First I went to Target, but when trying to decide which of three choices to buy, I looked to see where they were made. In a jingoistic pique, I rejected all the Chinese imports, and decided to try elsewhere. I scoured local grocery stores and googled “coffee grinders USA” and found some interesting sites: usstuff which lists by product category and buyamericanmart –a website that sells online.

I wrote lots of emails, and heard from Coffee Wholesale USA in Round Rock. Here is what Cristi Helton, Customer Service Specialist responded: None of the grinders and coffee makers we stock are made in the USA. You might find a Bunn product or two that is at least assembled in the US, which you may be able to order from us. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly for this information.

I called Bunn’s home products division, and their Bunn-O-Matic peppy customer representative said that they don’t make grinders for home use, but that one of their brands, Velocity, is “assembled” in the US, but not 100% of the parts are made domestically. I started wondering about what is produced where, and started with my state. …

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