Mississippi’s only abortion clinic will have to close unless a federal judge halts a new state law requiring its physicians to obtain admitting privileges to local hospitals, according to a court motion filed on Wednesday. In the motion, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization renewed its request for a federal judge to prevent state officials from enforcing a law which went into effect on July 1.


WASHINGTON — A pro-life, family-values congressman who worked as a doctor before winning election as a Tea Party-backed Republican had an affair with a patient and later pressured her to get an abortion, according to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post.


A dramatic new study with implications for next month’s presidential election finds that offering women free birth control can reduce unplanned pregnancies — and send the abortion rate spiraling downward.

An abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, remains closed after a state hearing officer denied a prospective new owner’s appeal to reopen the facility, made famous in 1998 when it was bombed by Eric Robert Rudolph. In April, state regulators ordered the New Woman All Women Health Care facility closed citing “multiple and serious violations of State Board of Health rules.” Then-owner Diane Derzis agreed to turn in the facility’s license to operate and closed the clinic May 18. She said the problems at the clinic were documentation issues. No patients were ever in danger, she said in July.

So that violent, mean-spirited creep Eric Rudolph wins? Another reason not to want to be in Alabama. 

Some pretty incredible and scary language here if you follow the link for the full text: 

Earlier this week, CNN obtained portions of the Republican Party’s 2012 platform, which included language about the GOP’s position on abortion. The language will not be official until it’s ratified by convention delegates next week, but it’s unlikely to undergo any changes before then. Because the abortion plank has become a source of controversy and debate in the presidential race this week, we’ve posted the full language here for those interested in reading the entire passage.

One thing women’s bodies can shut down: The Republican Party.

One thing women’s bodies can shut down: The Republican Party.

In case you’ve been deep-sea diving in the Marianas Trench, yet another Republican Congressman unwittingly revealed his party’s contempt for and distrust of women. And he did it by once again illustrating how the ‘war on women’ is really part of a larger issue. What Todd Akin said and believes doesn’t just play into a media-catchy, election year ‘war on women’ narrative. It’s part of a reactionary, fundamentalist backlash to modernity. It’s a war on science. It’s a war on facts. It’s a war on critical thinking. But, really, consider it a war on democracy.
Statements like Akin’s reflect the degree to which some men, steeped in all sorts of dangerous denialism, will go to protect their power and how they undermine equality and democracy to do it. Mitt Romney’s smart, he gets how Akin made this obvious, which is why he’s distancing himself so fast and furiously from this incident. But, Romney deep down inside agrees with the ideas that reside under the surface of such an obvious mistake. That’s why he will not renounce his rights-stripping-for-women-personhood-for-fetuses happy running mate Paul Ryan, who shares the ideas expressed by Akin, even if he expresses himself less offensively.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A new Tennessee law requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals is being blamed for the closure of a longtime Tennessee abortion provider.An executive director of the Abortion Care Network confirmed to The Tennessean that the Volunteer Women’s Medical Center in Knoxville recently closed its doors.The clinic had been operating for 38 years.

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Sunday that will allow the only abortion clinic operating in Mississippi to stay open — for now. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed for the action in response to a new state law that would require a clinic’s abortion providers to be certified OB/GYN practitioners, and for those physicians to all have privileges at an area hospital. The law, which took effect Sunday, puts the clinic at risk, as all its doctors do not have such privileges. The judge’s order blocks enforcement of the law at least until the next hearing on the matter, which is scheduled for July 11.

Tennessee has long had a law that allowed prosecutors to charge someone for harming a “viable fetus” — defined as about the 32nd week after conception — when someone kills or assaults a pregnant woman. Last year, lawmakers expanded that definition to apply to any fetus. Now, they’re looking to criminalize harm to embryos, the cells that are formed before a fetus develops eight weeks after conception. Proponents of the bill say it would clarify last year’s expanded fetal harm bill, but critics say it will be difficult to prosecute because some pregnancies end naturally at that stage. They argue this is simply a fight over abortion.