Robert Reich writes:

Have you heard of William Dore, Fos­ter Friess, Shel­don Adel­son, Harold Sim­mons, Peter Thiel, or Bruce Kovner? If not, let me in­tro­duce them to you. They’re run­ning for the Re­pub­li­can nom­i­na­tion for pres­i­dent. I know, I know. You think Rick San­to­rum, Newt Gin­grich, Ron Paul, and Mitt Rom­ney are run­ning. They are – but only be­cause the peo­ple listed in the first para­graph have given them huge sums of money to do so. In a sense, San­to­rum, Gin­grich, Paul, and Rom­ney are the fronts. Dore et al. are the real in­vestors.

Money in American politics was already an elephant in the room. Now the supreme court has given it a laxative, taken away the shovel, and asked us to ignore both the sight and the stench.